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VR Cambass Cultural District, is the only virtual 3D complex in the world created to promote visual artists and their creations all over the planet. We are the first and largest virtual 3d Artistic complex in the world, with the most extended coverage on the planet, with the participation of thousands of works of art by artists from 80 countries of the 5 continents in a single virtual space.


We also have in the complex the First World Festival of virtual art, the largest in the world, the ArtVR Festival and the ArtVR Kids. It is not a virtual showroom, it is as we mentioned it a true cultural complex, composed of the following spaces:

-Museum VR Cambass. The museum seeks to highlight and pay tributes in life to the most important artists in the world, who with their art positively impact society, leaving a mark on our history. The museum is made up of 4 large spaces which are:


  •  The Great Hall of International Artists, whose objective is to honor the most outstanding artists in the world. This show brings together 160 artists from more than 50 countries with 800 works of art in a single 3D virtual space.

  • Bogocine Virtual Room. The Bogota Film Festival began in 1984 as a need to reward the achievements of Colombian Cinema. For its 37th Edition, the Festival joins Art New York and Cambass Gallery to launch its virtual room, presenting a wonderful retrospective exhibition of its posters, which are a great artistic display.

  •  Virtual Room Mauricio Mayorga, with the exhibition Sentido del mar. It is a great pictorial sample where Master Mauricio Mayorga makes the world aware of the preservation of the seas, emphasizing his flagship project "Clean Basura".

  •  Alianza De Las Américas Room, is a space to stimulate and support outstanding artistic work in the countries of America, from Argentina to Canada.

Download the VR Canvas Museum version for PC. Your computer must meet the following requirements:

OS:         Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU:      Intel® Core i3 - i5-4460 o similar

RAM:     4GB

Graphics Card:   Good card

Storage:               10 GB 

Download the file, unzip the file and open the museum via the VRCambass application file

- VR Art4You Gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This exhibition space is a convergent virtual point for the support of artists from Europe and Asia. It is a great magical world conceptualized in the wonderful stories of The Thousand and One Night.

- Virtual Headquarters of the Nevado Solidario de Oro of Argentina. Space where Latinos in the world who are working for the proper development of culture and art in all countries are promoted.

- ArtVR - La Feria, It is the first and largest virtual art festival in the world bringing together 3000 visual artists from more than 50 countries. Its objective is to support and promote all these artists to show their work around the world and be like a way out in this period of the Corona virus pandemic.

- VR walking through art.  It is a magical space where the culture, traditions, folklore, and beliefs of our American peoples are exalted.

-V International Meeting of Artists of Sucre 2020. Virtual exhibition created for the cultural promotion of the culture of Sucre and its artistic strength in Colombia and the world. This great exhibition is taking place in the Virtual Crystal Gallery of the VR Cambas Cultural District complex. It contains the sample of 105 Colombian artists and from other countries. The event is organized annually by the cultural promoter and president of the Sucrea Foundation, Gina Gonzales.

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