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Tutorial para Biosphere

The BIOSPHERE virtual complex is a virtual platform made with the latest technology in 3d video game development such as Unity. In this way, we will develop a great strategy for the conservation and protection of our planet. The BIOSPHERE virtual complex is the largest virtual art exhibition in the world under the theme that we will manage.


Virtual tours will ensure that this great complex is not limited by physical, temporary, political barriers, etc. With virtuality we have the experience that we can reach the whole world. The BIOSPHERE virtual complex, being technologically developed as a training video game, will also have a recreational purpose, since users will be able to explore the world of nature and have fun exploring.

BIOSPHERE is the virtual interface of Art New York ES Magazine, which makes it unique in the world.

Take the tour online without downloading. Select your device below:

To live the complete experience and take the complete tour online. Just select your device. But if you just want to go directly to Art New York ES Magazine Select "Magazine".
It is your choice.

For PC and MAC make a click with the cursor and you will be able to have the control with the movement arrows and with the mouse the turns.

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