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Education, recreation and sports are some of the best way to get children away from drugs, violence, gangs and many more problems of this society. Free time should be used in activities such as art, good education, culture and sports to get better their present and future.


Hello friends, I am a Colombian artist who lives in the United States and I have dedicated my work to the benefit of good cultural training of children of limited resources in my country Colombia. Currently I want to create a center of integrated arts to strengthen cultural training through artistic training. I want to dedicate all my time to achieve the happiness of these children for whom I am already working and giving them all my efforts ... But I need help because I do not want to leave them. Economic problems are our biggest barrier and I know it can be achieved and with your support I know we can make many children happy who really need it. Thank you. 

Support us with $ 1 dollar and you can download from the online store a photo of the work of art that you like.

Help me to help. Thank you

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