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Edwin Salgado Villarreal

Colombian - American artist. He studied Public Accounting, Advertising, Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Colombia. In the United States he strengthens his knowledge through his studies in audio visual development for advertising, cine and video games.

Edwin Salgado Villarreal, is a realistic figurative artist, without reaching hyperrealism, where the magic of the brushstrokes is not lost and you can observe them in his beautiful works of wildlife, thus creating unique pieces that make us live new experiences and sensations. In his work he shows all the passion he has for wildlife, which is always present in his canvases. On some occasions, Edwin mixes wildlife with everyday life, generating surrealist works.

Edwin Salgado Villarreal, is a figurative artist, but his works are transformed into elaborate pieces of contemporary art through interactivity. Edwin is venturing into interactivity, using augmented reality to highlight his works. Thus becoming one of the most important artist in the handling of augmented reality in his work.

He currently has a permanent display of his augmented reality work, applied to several of the works of great artists such as Picazo, Van Gogh, Wyeth, Rousseau and Chirico at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, MoMA.


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Edwin Salgado

Edwin Salgado Villarreal, is the creative element and developer of the most important virtual art application, the "VR Cambass" and the largest Virtual 3D Cultural Complex in the world, "VR Cambass Virtual Cultural District", which is the virtual  6th borough of New York .Edwin Salgado Villarreal, is also known as "Art New York" since he is the legal representative of Art New York ES Corp., in the United States.As a plastic artist, Edwin Salgado Villarreal, has achieved international recognition through his multiple exhibitions and his strategic alliances with galleries, cultural entities and artistic groups in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Spain, England, the United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic.

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