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Art New York ES Corporation

Art New York ES Is an association that promotes and applies graphic arts in all its nature to develop programs that focus on improving the socio-cultural development of an individual, group or company. Art and technology are our greatest tools, used in the scope of our objectives.

Art New York ES. is committed to making graphic art together with technology, an indispensable element in cultural and economic development and to conduct itself hand in hand with the new cultural and technological changes that are currently being generated.


Art NY Interactive Media, are a fully interactive artworks and printed media. Yes, Interactive. The most important characteristic of our printed media is to immerse the viewer and interact with its content.



Applying cutting-edge communication technology in print media is the key. Everyone has heard about the innovative technology of augmented reality.

Technology that is not new and already has many years of development.

Our strategy

We offer you new experiences

European countries are already using augmented reality or AR, for many purposes, including advertising. But in the United States, a country of great development and a leader in the management of advertising media, it is not taking advantage of the great scope and power that AR technology provides to evolve and reach a new level of commercial development. Using the AR in a strategic way to evolve, empower and continue positioning your business brand in the United States through our commercial project is our proposal for you.



Art NY Media, will not only cover the main comunication objectives and commitments that are generated with your participation in a printed media, which are:

• Information, education, recreation, graphic art.

• Business marketing goals such as:

     -  Publicize your products and services
     -  Positioning of your company
     -  Increase the Market Share
     -  Direct contact with consumers
     -  Understand and get to know their consumers
     -  Stream content
     -  Relationship

Art NY Media, is committed to you, in not only giving you the previous objectives improved to 100%, if not, in offering something that no printed media where you are already giving, has offered you, either magazine, book, brochure, flyer, artwork, newspaper, etc.

I offer you INTERACTIVITY directly from the printed media, show  videos , open links, give information, interact with printed content at 100% and make the viewer enjoy new experiences.




• Art NY Media, will be a specialized tool for business, social development, health, technology, education, art and culture, recreation. We seek to be an intermediary between the community and the tools for its development.

• Art NY Media will have interactivity and augmented reality in all its printed products and, of course, you or your company will be part of it.

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